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American Asia Tax Company Ltd.

American Asia Tax Company Ltd. is a U.S. tax preparation and advisory service established in Bangkok, Thailand to provide American tax advice and services to U.S. taxpayers living or located in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. We have extensive experience assisting American taxpayers with both U.S. federal and state tax issues, and helping them to best minimize or eliminate any US tax liability while working or retiring abroad. 

Do you need to file? 

Generally speaking, virtually all US citizen and Green Card holders are required to file a US federal income tax return, even if they won't owe taxes. In recent years the US tax authorities have been pushing for ways to better enforce US tax compliance abroad. If you haven't filed or are unsure whether you are required to file, please do get in touch, as we would be happy to discuss your situation and work with you to develop the best course of action. 


Did you receive a letter from the IRS/US state tax authority?

We often meet American taxpayers living abroad who've not kept up with their yearly income tax returns, only to one day receive a letter from the IRS with a balance, complete with penalties and interest, from a tax year that may already be long past. 

Don't worry, we're experts at handling these situations. In many situations, once past returns have been filed or amended properly, there's minimal or even no actual tax liability. 

Accurate Preparation for Expatriates 


There are a number of different ways that American taxpayers living abroad can mitigate their US tax liability, and most citizens or Green Card holders abroad won't owe any US taxes. However, depending on each individual's income situation, future plans, retirement income, etc., the forms they need to file and the approach to their taxes that should be taken can very considerably. We're experts at working with each individual to not only file their US taxes, but to also help plan for future years.

Do you wonder if your taxes have been prepared correctly in years past? We often meet Americans abroad who've not been able to take full advantage of their tax position. Experienced tax professionals based in the US are often not fully aware of the options an American abroad may have, and those options become more varied and complex depending on which nation the taxpayer resides, taking into consideration any tax treaties the US may have in place. You may be due a significant refund, and we're always happy to meet with you and evaluate past returns to see if you may be in this situation. 

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Errors today can cost you a fortune tomorrow.  That's one of the main reasons that our clients never leave us. Work with us once, and you will be with us for life. Our goal is to not only help you optimize your tax position and reduce or eliminate any US tax liability, but to also enjoy perfect peace of mind.



Do you have a foreign accounts with a combined value of US $10,000 or more?

If so, you will need to comply with the requirement to file the FinCEN 114a Foreign Bank Account Report.


If you don't—or if you haven't—the consequences can be quite severe.


Don' risk it. We can help, no matter what your situation is or how long it has been.

Dollar Bill in Jar


Looking for a professional and local tax filing service experienced with clients retired or working offshore?

Get in touch with us to make sure you're not needlessly paying taxes that you don't owe, or even missing out on any tax refund you may be entitled to.

Analysing Data


Haven't filed in decades? Never reported foreign bank accounts and don't know where to begin?

Your situation may not be nearly as complicated or dire as you think, and most people we assist in these situations end up with no US tax liability at all.

Calculate Savings


Retiring abroad?
Starting a foreign company?
Investing while abroad? 

If you're planning to retire abroad, there may be able to plan for significant financial advantages regarding your US tax liability. Don't let tax worries keep you from your dream of opening a foreign entity, and make financial moves abroad without regret.


American Asia Tax Company Ltd.
CP Tower 3, Level 4, Room 418 CSO

34 Phaya Thai Road, Thung Phaya Thai, Ratchatewee

Bangkok, 10400 Thailand
บริษัท อเมริกัน เอเชีย แท็กซ์ จำกัด
อาคารซีพี ทาวเวอร์ 3 ชั้นที่ 4 เลขที่ 34 ถนนพญาไท แขวงทุ่งพญาไท เขตราชเทวี กรุงเทพ ฯ 10400

+66 8-0204-4696 (English) +66 8-1817-9815 (Thai)

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